About Vinhøna.

Hi, Im Vinhøna. This is my webpage about wine, I write about both complex and not so complex wines, cheap and expencive ones, often with food pairings. I also write about travel, often wine travel, beer, spirits and cocktails.

Ive been interested in wine for a long time, but my interest spiked after my first trip to Italy (Rome) in 2011, in fact I think I fell in love with wine in Rome.

IMG_0829 - Kopi

After that my interest for wine only grew, one of the most exciting things about wine is that there is always something to discover and/or learn! Even though nutrition and cocaching was what I was working with I started to write about wine on the side as a way of learning. Ive been writing small wine reviews and stories about wine since 2013.


I visited wine fairs in Norway and abroad, visited wineries and vineyards, the same with destilleries and breweries, in Europe and Asia, I bought wine – drank some of it and put some of it in the cellar, I read about wine and I started to colabborate with importers.


Ive been through most of the process of making wine, picked grapes, blended wine, degorged… Seen the whole process from grape to wine.

I did have a blog about nutrition and workout: mat, vin, kosthold og trening  for many years where I also wrote a bit about wine, but I decided I needed a pure website about wine after a while, this is how Vinhøna was born in 2014/2015.

As I was finishing my last studies in the mental healthcare business and working as a nutritionist in 2016, i finally decided I wanted some formal education in wine.


I signed up at one of two internationally approved wine academies here in Norway, Beverage Academy, and had my final exams right before christmas in 2017. I got my diploma as a Sommelier in early 2018.

Ive been writing numerous wine articles freelance, among them for the magazine Vin&Brennevin, Norske Vinklubbers forbund with their magazine Bulletin,  55pluss magazine, Reiseliv.no, the newspaper Norddalen++. during the last years.


I also started writing about travel in general, like the skiing trip to Switzerland where I also started to review hotels (under).

Many of the travels I do are purely wine fairs, long but fun days of winetasting. A bit less glamorous than people think, but I love it.

In addition im a wine judge for Mundus Vini, Berliner Wein Trophy, Spirits Selection and Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, which is a nice distraction in my everyday.

In january 2020 I got headhunted for the job as the Editor for the magazine Vin&brennevin, which I said yes to after a long and hard thought process. I must admit that Ive become used to managing my own time 100% and answer only to myself, but I also like a challenge…

I hope that you will keep following me further on this journey of wine, my plans for the future is to taste more wine, travel more, write more and explore as much as I can in this wonderful world of food and drink.

Questions, requests etc. please email me at: kostveileder@live.no.


You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram.