Media Kit

-Media Kit for the travelling part of Vinhøna (directly translated as «winehen»)-

A few Words about my travelling: Ive been travelling the world since I was 16 years old. From exotic Brazil, Egypt and Thailand, to more nearby Greece, Italy and Ireland. After getting the education that I wanted in nutrition, sports and the latest: Sommelier, I wanted to focus more on travelling. Because I feel that you can combine all those parts; have an active lifestyle while travelling, and still eat good food and drink good wine, beer and cocktails. And that`s my passion and what I want to share with my readers, and why I started writing about travel in 2018

Focus of content and target group: Basically anyone interested in travelling while living the good life. I want to inspire people to travel new places, drink wine in a new place, have a new craftbeer after skiing down a slope in a country for the first time, having a cocktail after a jungle hike. Hotels With a good winelist, a brewery in the cellar, a great SPA… Daring to go places where their family and friends have not been, to have cool stories to tell after a vacation. Going to a well known place, but doing something completly different or staying in a place nobody knew existed. Its all about experiences.

-The target group is therefore everyone, everyone who wants to travel and make new experiences. Families who wants tips on how to get a chill vacation even though they brought their kids. Couples who want a adventurous holiday, or maybe just relax and taste god wine, or maybe craft beer and Beach (is that possible?), how about a Cooking class? Or Learning to ski? Or surf. I will cover everything from Budget guesthouses to luxury 5* hotels, so everyone should feel included.

-I can write both in Norwegian and in English should an outlet wish so.

Who do Vinhøna write for:

Basically I write for everyone who wants my articles. I do alot of work freelance, but I also have a few Magazines where I have 2-4 pages on every issue, and I decide the theme. From february 2020 Im also the Editor of the Magazine Vin&Brennevin.
From fall 2019 I started writing for these media outlets:

  • Vinhøna, my own webpage. Minimum a post every day, I decide the theme. 15.000-20.000 monthly readers.
  • Kostholdsveiledning, my own webpage. Minimum a post every other day, mostly about food and lifestyle.
  • Norway`s oldest online travel magazine Reiseliv.
  • Association of Norwegian Wine Clubs, I Write about wine and travel in both their webpage and 2-4 pages in their magazine Bulletin which is issued 6 times a year.
  • Vin&Brennevin, a written magazine sold all over Norway, issued 4 times i year. Here I Write about both wine, travel and liquor. (from february 2020 Im the Editor of this Magazine)
  • Im an admin at the Norwegian Beer Bloggers Facebook page, to post beer-related posts.
  • Im writing freelance about travelling for the newspaper Norddalen, a physical newpaper for my part of Norway.
  • Tideneskifter is a fairly new online newspaper, which Im contributing articles to about travel, wine, beer, nutrition, food etc.

But I am aiming higher and Im continuously looking for new magazines, newspapers and webpages to write for and share my passion.

Here is an example of what an article can look like (this is from a trip to Germany, published in the Magazine Bulletin):


This is an article from the Magazine Vin&Brennevin, where I visited several vodka-themed places in Warsaw.


This is from a newspaper that I write for, here I wrote about Dubai:

Vinhøna in numbers:
My two own webpages has around 20.000 Readers a month. As I work lot freelance I never know how many I will reach, but for an example: My trip to Piedmont in 2018 reached around 150.000 People as I published 9 articles for several of the medias above, thats not including social media.

Mostly my readers are from Norway,but I also have a lot of readers from USA, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, France, Spain, UK and Germany in descending order.

Collaborations: Yes I do collaborate, both to go on all inclusive trips, but also doing small jobs on my own vacations. This is a selection of partners Ive had:

On social media: Yes I`m there! I activly use Facebook and Instagram to promote my travels. Im always open to using the hashtags that the travel destinations provide, and I always post alot of pictures on Instagram as that is my preferred media.

For wineregions: I collaborate With most of the Norwegian wineimporters, and if I meet wineproducers that are interested in starting export to Norway Im happy to pass along their information to suiting importers.
I have helped several wineproducers get in to the marked in Norway, and Im happy to help more if I think their wine is fitting.

Please contact me: if you have any questions, suggestions or any other comments on ->
Please check out my LinkedIn as well.