Media Kit.

-Media Kit for the travelling part of Vinhøna (directly translated as «winehen»)-

A few Words about my travelling: Ive been travelling the world since I was 16 years old. From exotic Brazil, Egypt and Thailand, to more nearby Greece, Italy and Ireland. After getting the education that I wanted in nutrition, sports and the latest: Sommelier, I wanted to focus more on travelling. Because I feel that you can combine all those parts; have an active lifestyle while travelling, and still eat good food and drink good wine, beer and cocktails. And that`s my passion and what I want to share with my readers, and why I started writing about travel in 2018

Focus of content and target group: Basically anyone interested in travelling while living the good life. I want to inspire people to travel new places, drink wine in a new place, have a new craftbeer after skiing down a slope in a country for the first time, having a cocktail after a jungle hike. Hotels With a good winelist, a brewery in the cellar, a great SPA… Daring to go places where their family and friends have not been, to have cool stories to tell after a vacation. Going to a well known place, but doing something completly different or staying in a place nobody knew existed.

-The target group is therefore everyone, everyone who wants to travel. Families who wants tips on how to get a chill vacation even though they brought their kids. Couples who want a adventurous holiday, or maybe just relax and taste god wine, or maybe craft beer and Beach (is that possible?), how about a Cooking class? Or Learning to ski? Or surf. I will cover everything from Budget guesthouses to luxury 5* hotels, so everyone feel included.

Who do Vinhøna write for:

Basically I write for everyone who wants my articles. I do alot of work freelance, but I also have a few Magazines where I have 2-4 pages on every issue, and I decide the theme.
The fall 2018 I Write for these media:

  • Vinhøna, my own webpage. Minimum a post every day, I decide the theme.
  • Kostholdsveiledning, my own webpage. Minimum a post every other day, mostly about food and lifestyle.
  • Norway`s oldest online travel magazine Reiseliv.
  • Association of Norwegian Wine Clubs, I Write about wine and travel in both their webpage and 2-4 pages in their magazine Bulletin which is issued 6 times a year.
  • Vin&Brennevin, a physical magazine sold all over Norway, issued 4 times i year. Here I Write about both wine, travel and liquor.
  • Im an admin at the Norwegian Beer Bloggers Facebook page, to post beer-related posts.
  • Im writing freelance about travelling for the newspaper Norddalen, a physical newpaper for my part of Norway.
  • Tideneskifter is a fairly new online newspaper, which Im contributing articles to about travel, wine, beer, nutrition, food etc.
  • 55pluss is a Norwegian magazine for mature Readers, its both online and a physical Magazine. I contribute with winetips, often with foodpairing.

But I am aiming higher and Im continuously looking for new magazines, newspapers and webpages to write for and share my passion. I only started writing about travel this year, so Im hoping that Ill Write for even more media within a few years!

Here is an example of what an article can look like (this is from a trip to Germany, published in the Magazine Bulletin):


This is from the Magazine Vin&Brennevin.


This is from a newspaper that I write for:

Vinhøna in numbers:
My two own webpages has around 10.000 Readers a month. As I work lot freelance I never know how many I will reach, but for an example: My trip to Piedmont reached around 150.000 People as I published 9 articles for several of the medias above, thats not including social media and it was before I started writing for and 55pluss.

Mostly my Readers are from Norway,but I also have a lot of Readers from USA, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, France, Spain, UK and Germany in descending order.

Collaborations: Yes I do collaborate, both to go on all inclusive trips, but also doing small jobs on my own vacations. This is a selection of partners Ive had in 2018:

On social media: Yes I`m there! I activly use Facebook and Instagram to promote my travels. Im always open to using the hashtags that the travel destinations provide, and I always post alot of pictures on Instagram as that is my preferred media.

For wineregions: I collaborate With most of the Norwegian wineimporters, and if I meet wineproducers that are interested in starting export to Norway Im happy to pass along their information to suiting importers.
I have helped several wineproducers get in to the marked in Norway, and Im happy to help more if I think their wine is fitting.

Please contact me: if you have any questions, suggestions or any other comments on ->


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