Nye bøker til sommerferien?


Disse har jeg kjøpt meg til sommerferien:

Kevin Zraly Windows on the World Complete Wine Course er en flott måte å enten lære mer om vin på eller å repetere kunnskap for min del, denne boken er utrolig fin og omfattende!
«Kevin Zraly is America’s ultimate wine educator, and his entertaining teaching style has made this must-have book a treasured favourite for more than three decades. He demystifies every aspect of wine: grape varieties, winemaking techniques, different types and styles of wine, how to read a wine label, and how to evaluate a wine in just 60 seconds.
Ranging from the renowned reds of Bordeaux and California to the trailblazing whites of New York and Burgundy, this essential volume features maps of each region, lush photographs, a wealth of infographics, more than 800 of the best-value wines from around the world, over 100 labels – including some new to this edition – to help you find the right wines, and guided tastings. It also highlights the best vintages to savour and includes comprehensive notes on food pairings, frequently asked questions, and quizzes to test your knowledge. In short, Kevin Zraly Windows on the World Complete Wine Course provides all the tools you need to discover and enjoy the perfect wines for you.»

The New Wine Rules er en fin liten bok å ha liggende, her diskuteres 101 forskjellige temaer innen vinens verden, myter og tips.
«This highly illustrated, concise, accessible guide to wine, from one of the foremost wine writers in the country covers 101 topics on drinking, buying, storing, and sharing wine–told as very short lessons with highly editorialized illustrations to go along with each.
For example: (1) You’ll never need to own more than two types of wine glass. (2) Smell the cork. It really does tell you something. Smell the glass before you pour wine in. (3) If you’ve heard of the Champagnes on the list, you’re probably paying too much for them. This fun, informative, and stylish book will be the ultimate gift for all wine lovers.»

Men rosinen i pølsa denne gangen var den fantastiske boka Champagne [Boxed Book & Map Set], et fyrverkeri av en bok!

«From the expert behind the top-rated resource ChampagneGuide.net comes this groundbreaking guide to the modern wines of Champagne, presented in a stunning box set, complete with vintage maps in a pull-out drawer.»

For en sommelier er dette ekte bokporno, et fantastisk og lærrerikt verktøy!

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